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Semi iwadi: Ọrọìwòye Ṣẹda URL Parfaite Pour Le Référencement?

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Search engines use URLs to collect all the data they collect about a content page. Awọn URL kan le ṣe iyatọ nipa ti awọn iṣeduro nipasẹ awọn iṣawari ti awọn search engine. These are different things that comprise in a URL while others do not do it.

Jack Miller, Olùdarí Aṣeyọyọ Aṣeyọri Aare ti Iyọlẹnu , n pese awọn imọran fun atunyẹwo rẹ pẹlu awọn àfikún URL.

Awọn URL (Oluṣakoso Awujọ Ẹrọ) jẹ ki awọn aṣàwákiri ati awọn olupin le wa oju-iwe kan. These links are in a readable format by human beings, and their role is to cover IP address based on the underlying numbers.

If a URL is considered as user, it must contain words rather than letters and numbers list loops. They are effective in car they are in a readable format by man and indicators of the relevance of the minimum keywords they transmit to the search engines. Ni ọpọlọpọ awọn igba, awọn URL ti a daadaa laifọwọyi nipasẹ ẹrọ rẹ ko ni awọn igbanilaaye. Sibẹsibẹ, awọn lapapọ ti awọn apẹrẹ awọn oriṣiriṣi yii, o jẹ ki awọn URL ni igbaniran nipasẹ ayipada awọn lẹta ati awọn nọmba laini si aaye ayelujara kan nipa lilo awọn oju-iwe ati awọn oju-iwe awọn orukọ.

Wo awọn ayẹwo meji ti awọn URL wọnyi:


Despite the fact that the second URL is not a lot shorter, it can easily say what the Internet will get: a page related to men's clothing.

Ṣiṣẹ awọn URL ti o dara julọ

Awọn ibeere fun awọn URL ti o dara julọ fun iyipo:

  • Awọn URL naa gbọdọ jẹ awọn adehun bi o ti ṣee ṣe ati afikun awọn afikun ọrọ tabi awọn folda.
  • Ṣiṣẹ awọn alphanumeric minuscules nikan nikan. Awọn lilo awọn minuscules dinku ewu ti idapo akoonu
  • .
  • Lilo awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ lati pin awọn ọrọ. Awọn aaye ati awọn ami-ọrọ ti o yẹ ki o yẹra nitori awọn iwin-ọrọ n wo awọn ọrọ ti a sọtọ nipasẹ awọn aami wọnyi jẹ awọn ọrọ ti o ni igba pipọ.
  • Lo awọn ọrọ-ọrọ nigbati o ba ṣeeṣe

Awọn ọrọ-ṣiṣe ti a nlo ni o dara julọ ti o dara julọ ati tun dara si olumulo ti o ni iriri.

Preferences HTTPS

Google ṣetan lati mu iṣakoso awọn aabo awọn iṣeto ti o wa lori HTTPS naa. Studies show that about 50% of the search results on a page comes from sites over HTPPS.

HTTP transfer with HTTPS is a URL change, with a significant number of risks. Google ṣe akiyesi migration bi pupọ dara lẹhin ti o jẹ ki o ni aabo ni aabo. Sibẹsibẹ, 301 directives must be applied to improve the transition and performances should be evaluated to discover possible problems.

Awọn Hashtags ninu Awọn URL

JavaScript is considered as universelly exploited by experts SEO as they believe in Google's declaration "we rendons and componsance your Web sites as modern search engines."

Awọn akoonu ti o le wa ni aifọwọyi ti o dara julọ jẹ dominated nipasẹ the intonation of a URL for the only content page. AJAX ṣẹda URL kan pato fun awọn akoonu oju-iwe ayelujara, paapaa ni pato awọn oju-iwe ayelujara ti o fẹ awọn iwe-aṣẹ ti o kan pato, ti wọn le so awọn ifihan agbara ati awọn iyasọtọ mọ.

Nigbati awọn URL ti o dara julọ

Awọn akoko ti o rọrun fun awọn olutọṣe awọn URL jẹ awọn ọna atunṣe ati migration. As technology or technology technology changes, platform relays can change and, therefore, it is the perfect time to insert requirements for the syntax and content of the URL.

It is important to note that your URLs should only be optimized if they need technical reasons or a new design to avoid the risks.

November 29, 2017
Semi iwadi: Ọrọìwòye Ṣẹda URL Parfaite Pour Le Référencement?